Bit By Bit Studios
Based in United States

Founding date:
June 2012


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P.O. Box 5249
Baltimore, MD 21224

+1 209 732 6486


Bit By Bit Studios is an American independent game studio focusing on tools and mobile game development.



Sean Sanders founded Bit By Bit Studios (BXB) in June 2012. That month, BXB released its first product: Virtual Controls Suite - a set of customizable control components for touch screen devices, available on the Unity Asset Store and via Bit By Bit Studios' website. As of January 1 2013, Virtual Controls Suite has sold over 200 copies in 6 months and has appeared several times on the Top 10 Paid and Top 10 Grossing list for the Scripting category in the Unity Asset Store.

Fiz: The Brewery Management Game

In July 2012, Sean began solo work on BXB's first game, Fiz: the Brewery Management Game. Fiz was envisioned as Lemonade Stand from the Apple II era, except with beer instead of lemonade, and targeted for release on iOS and Android mobile devices. In Fiz, the player makes and markets their own beer in order to grow a simple homebrewing operation into an international beer sensation. In December of 2012, former co-worker Kelly O'Donnell joined the team as Lead Artist. The pair launched a Kickstarter campaign in February 2013 in order to raise funding to complete the game, which successfully funded in March 2013. The game was released in December 2013.

Prior to Bit By Bit Studios

Sean graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Computer Science in 2008. He previously worked at Buzz Monkey Software over a period of 3.5 years as a software engineer on 6 shipped titles on 5 different platforms. His most notable performance was in 2011 and 2012 as Lead Engineer for the Chillingo published iOS hit, Rinth Island. When Zynga acquired Buzz Monkey Software in May 2012, Sean turned down a job offer at the gaming giant in order to found Bit By Bit Studios.


Fiz: The Brewery Management Game Launch Trailer YouTube

Fiz: The Brewery Management Game Kickstarter Video YouTube

Virtual Controls Suite YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "#1 Top Paid and #1 Top Grossing | Scripting > Input and Output." - Unity Asset Store, July 12, 2012
  • "#4 Top Paid | Scripting > Overall." - Unity Asset Store, December 10, 2012
  • "#10 Top Paid | Overall." - Unity Asset Store, December 10, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Virtual Controls Suite: Excellent product, amazing support!"
    - Unity Asset Store User, Unity Asset Store Review
  • "Virtual Controls Suite: Excellent! An exemplary product and support!"
    - Unity Asset Store User, Unity Asset Store Review
  • "Virtual Controls Suite: Exactly What I Needed and Incredibly Fast Support!"
    - Unity Asset Store User, Unity Asset Store Review

Team & Repeating

Sean Sanders
Founder, Programmer, Designer

Kelly O'Donnell
Artist, Designer, Freelancer

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